So a couple of days ago, I was in the car with my brother, who is eleven, and my father. We were in our way home and my brother turned from the front seat to ask me, “When did you start talking to boys?”

I carefully answered, “Around the seventh grade, why?”

My brother started to blush profusely and said “Well one of my friends ‘dash dash dash!”

My father and I looked at him in confusion and he said “I can’t say it! Its so awkward!” and I asked “You’re friend likes a girl?”

My brother mumbled a little “Yea…” and then looked at me with wide eyes and asked, “Is that normal??”

Dad and I laughed and I told him it was all normal and it was fine if he liked a girl too.

My brother spent rest of the car ride telling us all about who fancied who in his class. Finally when we reached home he turned to me once more and asked “Is it normal to talk to your best friends about these things?” I smiled and told him it was. He jumped and grabbed the phone and said “Okay! I need to make a call” and ran to the other room.

My father and I stood in the corridor and grinned at each other realizing the baby of the house was growing up.

That was the best conversation I’d had in a while.


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