Time was never on our side.

Though the spark was there, even then

We were far too young when we met.

All I had to give, those days, were

Shy smiles as we talked till the sun set.


But we spent our time together, still

You used to be my best friend.

Then you left and soon forgot me,

Perhaps things changed and life

Kept you far too busy.


School finished and you found me

Once more. We picked up where we left off,

It was as if you had never gone

And I discovered that I had loved you,

Somehow, all along.


I thought this was it, you were the one

The flame burned bright, for a while,

It touched every inch of our stars

You tried to hold on, and so did I

But alas, the time was never ours.

*This is my first ever attempt at poetry. Be gentle but please let me know your thoughts!*

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