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And so, another year begins with new promises for change and fresh starts. But does anything really ever change? Every year we all secretly make the same resolutions, work on them for a week or two and then life catches up. We get caught in the rut once more and no longer have the time for efforts to be better… Surely it can wait a little longer.

We go through the same aches and pains again. The same search for love and that same desperation to hold on to that thing you thought was so good… Surely this time it’ll work out.

We run in the same circles. Making friends, losing them. Promises to be there for each other forever but a few months down you realise you haven’t spoken to each other in weeks… Surely this time it’ll be different.

But we still count down the seconds and cheer for a new year and hope, with everything we have, that things will get better… And they do; you grow and you learn because time slows for no one and nothing happens the same way twice. It’s the littlest of changes that make everything different. Some things might get harder but so many things are simpler this time around.

And so I say once more that this year will be better. This year will be for the people who I love and those you love me.


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