Today, on the way home from watching a movie with my 10 year old brother, his best friend and the best friend’s sister (who is also 10), a rather interesting conversation broke out that had me smiling the rest of the way.

I was just replying to a couple of messages when the sister, Nina, looked over my shoulder and noticed I was talking to a boy. My brother immediately volunteered the information that he might be my boyfriend… And then proceeded to name every boy I had ever mentioned in his presence, claiming they were all my boyfriends…

Nina looked at me shocked and asked, ” You have so many boyfriends?” I shook my head, pouting and told her I didn’t have any boyfriends.

My and Nina’s brothers’ snickered in the back saying, “girls are disgusting”, and “All boys are allergic to girls!” Nina looked at me with a knowing smile and said, “It’s just because they’re young”, then turned to them and said, “One day, when you grow up, you’ll understand.”

I don’t know which was more amusing, the 10 year old girl, who knew it would happen and got in line to wait her turn, or the 10 year old boys who completely denied any interest in girls and pretended to look the other way from the line as they edged closer to it..

Their little trace of innocence.


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