I walked in on the first day with tears in my eyes, and I will walk out on my last, with tears once more.

Fourteen years I have woken up almost every day at six in the morning, dressed in the same outfit of an orange check shirt and blue pleated skirt, walked to the bus stop and gone to the same building, the same school, the same home. And tomorrow those fourteen years will end.

Sanskriti. Its a short, simple and sweet word, meaning heritage. It has been my home, my only constant in the chaos that is my life. It has been my escape, my safe haven, my bubble and I am petrified of having to walk out of it.

Its a strange thing. I am infinitely excited for college and for leaving the house and finding my own way and finding myself, but the thought of leaving school brings butterflies to my stomach. Everything that is even remotely connected to school brings tears to my eyes along with a fear I simply cannot explain. Not roaming those halls again, no more of those familliar faces, no more teachers who scold you for the littlest things, but care for you like mothers… its almost surreal.

Sanskriti School has made me who I am today. I know that I would not have pulled through half the mess of my life, without Sanskriti to hold my hand and to pull and push till I got it right. The school has done more for me than I even realise still, and to be leaving it is terrifying.

Sanskriti School has been my home for fourteen years, and even though tomorrow I will no longer be a student, Sanskriti will continue to be a part of me and continue to be my home.

I will walk out of it with tears in my eyes and a million happy memories. I will walk out with everything Sanskriti has ever given me and hold all of it in my heart, forever.


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