It was the Black Swan. The most beautiful yet the most dangerous and dark creature in being. No one could help but admire her. No one could help but fear her. And no one could help but fall in love with her. She was a beautiful nightmare. She was the dark angel.

She hears everyone but does not understand anyone. They think she is beautiful, yet they fear her as if she is the face of death itself. She does not know of they are mesmerized or petrified as they watch her. Their eyes confuse her.

She spreads her wings and they all gasp. She takes one last look at them. He is not there. One powerful stroke lifts her away. She looks at the sky; it is almost dawn, her time is almost up. She turns to the silver lined clouds that hide the moon.

They can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever come back. They all look up at her as she flies, wanting one last look. When they look away, they know they will see her again. She will haunt their dreams forever.


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