Today was a big day in school, the new student council was announced for the incoming senior batch. I remember when the same announcement was made for my batch, it was one of the most exciting days of my life. I sat at the back corner of the amphitheater, praying that my name would be called out. It was a feeling I can’t describe when my name was called out for a post I always dreamed of having.

This year was different though. I was no longer competing, but handing over my post, to someone new to carry forward.  I climbed onto stage with a wide smile, ready to hand over my flag to the ones who I thought would succeed me, the ones I thought deserved it most.

I was certain that all my friends would make it onto the council. I hadn’t even considered the possibility that some of them might not because I’d seen them work and earn the right to be on that stage and knew with every one of them deserved the post they were contending for.

It was a strange feeling to watch their faces in the audience as their names were called out for their dream posts and stranger still to watch as random names were called out for the posts that they deserved to have. I didn’t know whether i should clap or not, smile or not.

At the end of the day, stood in the corridor of my school and watched as people were congratulated, while others were comforted. The newly appointed head boy walked past me, to his best friend, with an expression that mimicked the pain I felt for my friends who got left out. His friend who didn’t get anything hugged him and said congratulations. I realized a strange thing then; It’s hard to feel happy for yourself when your friend gets screwed over and its harder still to show your happiness for your friend when you get screwed over.

Its a strange state to be in. You’re happy but you’re not.


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