We all have that one person that we were once so close to but one day you realize you haven’t spoken to them for weeks. Then every time you come across their name on any social media, you pause there for a second and wonder if you should say hi, but then move along thinking, they probably don’t want to talk to you any more.

Then one day, they send you a message! You think it’ll be awkward but you quickly reply and a small conversation starts. And then before you know it, you’re talking to them as if no time has passed at all. There’s not a single trace of awkwardness as you move from one conversation to another. Not a moment of hesitation to tell them everything that happened.

And just like that you pick up with them right where you left off. Its the most comfortable kind of friendship when you know that you don’t have to make a constant effort to maintain a relationship with them, because you know that even if you don’t talk for a while, nothing has changed between you. They’ll always there when you need them, even if you don’t talk to them everyday. It’s the most wonderful feeling when you talk to them after so long and nothing has changed. You’re still the same friends you were, no matter how long it’s been.


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