When he looked at me,

I’m sorry I didn’t think of you.

The truth is,

He makes my heart race too.



There’s a storm brewing inside me

But all you’ll ever see is the calm outside.

Too kind.

You always told me that your favourite thing about me was how kind I was.

But you warned me about my kindness, said I was too kind for my own good.

Darling did you forget, roses have thorns too.


I coated your broken fragments with my tears and blood, as my trembling handles fumbled to put you back together.

And sunlight danced through the shadows of your pieces, as I lost myself in them.

With the Winds. 

A message sent on a windy terrace and the next thing I knew I was in love with you. 

We talked and then you kissed me; now you’re gone and I don’t know what to do.